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Somewhere over the Rainbow Bowl

Merry-Friday all,

And what a testing week that was?

Thank you once again everyone who came to the cafe this week to support us, and those who stayed at home supporting us on social media and sending through orders or donations. You guys really are the most loyal customers!

To end the week on a high, we thought we'd give away a pretty special recipe that proved to be incredibly popular over the Mardi Gras weekend! Something to brighten up your weekend.

Introducing our Rainbow Bowl. Packed full of goodies, vitamins and easy on the eye ;)

You will need:

Black Rice - Microwavable packs are easy!



Shaved and Marinated Zucchini (we make our own!)

Heirloom/Cherry Tomatoes


Drizzled with Olive oil

Chilli flakes

Pomegranate seeds


This is a very straightforward recipe and takes no time at all.

1. Zucchini's. Now we (Amy) have been perfecting the recipe for marinated zucchini's for a while now. The general gist is; peel approx 5 zucchini's into ribbons. throw in an airtight container with chilli's, garlic, handful of mint, salt and pepper. Add about a cup of olive oil. Then boil white vinegar and pour over until completely covered. Good within about 3 days and store for aaaaages.

2. Asparagus. Grill or Fry in lemon juice, salt and pepper.

Hummus. Make a well in the middle of your bowl, pour in olive oil and throw some chilli flakes over.

3. Assemble. We generally tend to just arrange neatly around the hummus well. Chuck in the tomatoes, rocket, zucchini's and black rice. Scatter some pomegranate over the whole thing.

We hope you have a lovely weekend.

Stay safe,

Amy x

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